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Oil on board, under glass.


Approx. Dimensions:

Frame overall: W = 10 inches x H = 8 inches

Visible picture: W = 6 inches x H = 4 inches


Alfred William Saunders (1908-1986) was born in Hackney, London and encouraged to paint from an early age.  When he was 9 the family moved to Woodford in Essex and at the age of 21 he joined the army and served with the Essex Regiment.  During the Second World War he saw service in Egypt and then India, where his artistic talent was discovered: he arranged an exhibition of his paintings and sold everything!

Alfred was transferred back to the UK (escorting Italian POWs) in 1941 and soon married and moved to Wingfield Green in Suffolk.  Time spent convalescing after a cycling accident rekindled his urge to paint.

In 1966 his paintings were sold by Devon Galleries, Elm Hill, Norwich.  His work depicting the Suffolk and Norfolk coast have always been popular, especially the miniature oils of villages set around the Salt Marshes.

Alfred Saunders died on 7th January 1986.  His works, a testament to the East Anglian countryside, are increasingly sought after.

Church Farm Harleston by Alfred W. Saunders

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