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At the entrance to the

Straights of Sunda

February 1831


An original hand painted engraving.


W J Huggins worked for the East India Company as a sailor where he learned to draw and paint on voyages to the Far East. Upon his return his was regularly employed to paint carefully detailed pictures of the Company's ships. In 1817 he exhibited a picture in the Royal Academy and was later appointed 'Marine Painter' to both George 1V and William IV.


'H.C.S. SIR DAVID SCOTT' ( Honourable Company Ship )

Painted by W.J.Huggins (Marine Painter to His Majesty)

Engraved by E Duncan

Published February 1830 by W J Huggins

105 Leadenhall Street


H.C.S. Sir David Scott was launched as an East Indian Company ship at Ipswich.

An East Indiaman, she made six voyages for the company between 1821 and 1838 after which she was sold for breaking.


* The Sunda Straights are between the islands of Java and Sumatra which 

connect the Java Sea with the Indian Ocean.


H.C.S. SIR DAVID SCOTT by W J Huggins 1781-1845

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