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Watrercolour under glass.


Approx. Dimensions:

Frame overall: W = 10.25 inches x H = 8.25 inches

Visible picture: W = 6.5 inches x H = 4.5 inches


This watercolour is part of an unsigned collection of 25 catalogued paintings dating back to circa 1874. Within this collection was one hand-coloured lithograph, signed by the The Reverend Busteed Ashley.


The Reverend Busteed Ashley (1811-1898) was the Vicar of Wooburn. He was a  polymath, architect, artist, historian, engineer and cartographer. The Reverend Ashley was known to undertake painting expeditions to British beauty sites including the Lake District, Snowdonia and Perthshire. 

Windermere Landscape C.1870

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